ERP Software Specific for the Cast Metal Industry

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Software developed specifically for the cast metal industry

  • Iron Foundry ERP Software
  • Steel Sand Foundry ERP Software
  • Centrifugal Casters ERP Software
  • Aluminum Sand Foundry (Aluminium) ERP Software
  • Diecasting (Pressure Diecaster) ERP Software
  • Gravity Diecasting (Permanent Molder) ERP Software
  • Precision Moulder (Precision Molder) ERP Software
  • Investment Casting ERP Software
  • Loss Wax & Lost Foam Casting ERP Software
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Say goodbye to spreadsheets and fragmented ageing systems

SYNCHRO ERP - A fully integrated, flexible and robust software suite. Not complex or rigid like many other ERP systems. The software is designed  to enable your company to maintain those unique elements of working which make you different. After all it is these unique qualities differentiating your company from the competition which are most valuable

You want to be better than your competition...who doesn't?

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Feature rich and simple to use

SYNCHRO ERP - This is where the system truly excels; the software is developed to be intuitive and simple to use, fundamentally this impacts on users requiring much less training; reducing implementation costs is important to us because it is important to you!

Feature rich, intuitive, robust

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It's all included with each license!

  • All Modules 
  • Upgrades
  • Latest Features
  • Support        

It's as simple and as cost effective as that!

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Highly customisable

Supervisors have access to a sophisticated and powerful set of options, accessed via a stringent security menu supporting a customisable set up in your hands

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The best customer compliment

Hundreds of compliments pour in year after year, selecting only one is  tough, each is valuable in its own right

Every Cast Metal manufacturer should be using SYNCHRO, if not why not?

Tom Renk - Alliant USA

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Grow your business with a successful partner

The quality of partnership is critical, the choice of ERP is vital, the combination is immensely powerful

Est 1975

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